Each bottle Cutting Kit listed below comes complete with the bottle scribing fixture and glass sanding material which includes silicon carbide grit and sanding cloth (100 grit size); also included in each kit are very thorough how-to instructions, order blank for replacement parts and a separate pamphlet showing an extensive number of creative bottle cutting projects.

Q: What's the difference between the deluxe model and the standard model?
A: The Deluxe model is still the basic original platform but the cutting head has been replaced by an adaptor which allows for cutting on all surfaces of a round bottle (not just the vertical portions).

Kit #1.
Ephrem's ORIGINAL "Improved" Model

This model is the easiest one to learn how to cut bottles; but it only cuts on the vertical portion of a bottle (not the necks).


Kit #2.
Ephrem's  DELUXE "improved" Model

This model is the same as the original one except the cutting head is mounted on an adaptor which allows the cutter to be tilted forward or back to allow cutting on the neck portions or other non-vertical surfaces.  

By popular demand, the Extreme Size Attachment will also be included in the Deluxe model package
By popular demand, we are also including the Front-Back Extender in the Deluxe package

(note: People who have the original model can order this adaptor separately using the order blank in each kit).


Replacement Parts


Polishing Powder (#120 grit size)


Cutting Wheel


Adapter for cutting bottle necks and other non-vertical surfaces


The extreme-size attachment

Allows cutting on bottles or glass tubes with diameters down to 1 inch and/or, at the other extreme, serves as a better support for cutting really large diameter bottles; e.g., gallon bottles.


The Front-Back Extender

This is an extra-long back stop that can extend from either the front or the rear of the cutting fixture. It's principle use is to make it easier to cut the bottom off of a bottle very close to the end. It also can be used to cut bottles much larger in length; e.g., bottles whose vertical sides are much longer than 7 inches. Fits all models sold after Jan. 2012


 NEW! Diamond Surfaced Sanding Pad

#400 Grit Size.  1 3/4" x 1 3/8". Perfect for inside and outside edges.  Long Lasting.


 NEW! Kaleidoscope Kit

Recycle that empty wine bottle into a one of a kind kaleidoscope. Do you remember the beauty you enjoyed while looking through a kaleidoscope in years past? Do you pick-up the displayed gift shop kaleidoscopes or those of a friend’s? Well now you can enjoy a bottle of wine and then convert that empty bottle into a multi-reflective system kaleidoscope (Patent Pending), for yourself. The imagery created by this kaleidoscope is not your normal mandala, nor an infinite number of repeating triangles, but a triangular orb, surrounded by colored rings, all changing as the objects in the cell move and fall.

As you create your own kaleidoscope you can choose the object cells content (chamber for the bright, colored pieces), using the items included within the kit and / or personnel pieces of your choice, as long as they will be able to fall freely within the chamber.

The kit and instructions you are purchasing will walk you through the assembly of your personal kaleidoscope, after you have cut the bottom off of the empty, standard 750 ml bottle, if your bottle is about 10 inches in circumference or a bit larger, as for the “Large Kit”.